Categories: Show and Tell
      Date: Aug  1, 2013
     Title: Introducing The 2013 Besties Winners

Representatives of some of Family Times’ Besties Readers’ Picks competition winners stopped by the office last month to collect their awards and get their photos shot by Michael Davis. We’d like to thank everyone who voted in the 2013 competition for showing their support for these local organizations.


KidzClub: Kim Coons (right) and her sales representative,
Holly Timian

Bluebird Music Together:
Carol Bryant

GiGi’s Playhouse:
Jared Okun and Kayla McKeon

Five Star Martial Arts: Paul Napoli and Curtis Pastore with their sales representive Joe Monkofsky (center)

Basic Baby Education Center & Shop: Josh Fox

Gannons: Amelia and Eileen Gannon (right)

Snip-Its: Brittney Edick, with Ny’azia (spa), age 9, and Sa’nyah (glamour), age 7

CopperTop Tavern: John Stapleton and Adam Gasiorowski

Stellas Diner: Betty Stellakis and Mary Martin

Liverpool Public Library:
Stephanie Zwolinski, Glenna Wisniewski, Jean Armour Polly, Luke Connor, Linda Meyer and Alison Post

Team Feidt
Jim Munger, Ayden Munger, Michaela Baratta, Jim McGarvey, Kris Munger, Brittany Fahey, Tyler Jean, Theron Feidt and Tyler Toomey











Team DeWitt
Jon Bidwell and Jason Nolan














Team Manlius

Jeff Groesbeck, Hannah Weiler, Osman Borcilo, Nihad Mehmedovic, Dan Madsen and Shawn McDonald











Team Andrello

Ernie Karlson, Kim Andrello, Jim Andrello and Dan Burns (not pictured: Jessica Landon)












Team Sgarlata

Jeff Sgarlata


















Curtain Climbers:
Dattolo, her Chihuahua,
Nina, and sales representative
Lesli Mitchell












The Face Paint Lady:
Wilkinson (right), with her sales representative Gina Fortino