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Conjure Spooky Glow Lanterns





October is the perfect time of year to create some home-made spooky glow lanterns with affordable supplies and just a few easy steps.




  • One bag of cotton balls
  • One package of spider rings or fake spiders, snakes or anything spooky you find in the Halloween section of your local store.
  • Mason jars
  • One package of glow sticks





  1. Start by dropping a few cotton balls into the bottom of the mason jar.
  2. Bend and crack your glow stick to turn on and place it in the middle of the jar. Use some more cotton balls to prop up the stick and add your spooky props as you fill the jar.
  3. Pause every so often and turn off the lights to see if you are achieving the desired effect with your jar.




  • The more space you leave in between the cotton balls, the brighter the glow and the more color you will see from your glow stick of choice.
  • I experimented with some glow bracelets to see how they would work. I ended up bunching three to four of them together and wound up with a nice effect. I do think that the traditional glow stick works much better.
  • Once you’ve cracked them and started the chemical reaction, glow sticks last from a few hours to a few days. However, you can put your glow stick in the freezer overnight, and remove it, crack it and shake it, and you will get it to glow again.






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