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Dressed for Back to School

Whether they’re students in college, high school, or elementary school, everybody is trying to make a good impression, especially on the first few days.

On Sept. 5, the first day at Edward Smith K-8 School in the Syracuse City School District, one third-grader with smooth braids hopped out of her car, shut the door and looked at her reflection in the side of the vehicle. “I look so fly, I look so fresh!” she sang out. Her favorite part of her outfit was her pink Jordan shoes.
First-day impressions can also be important for parents—especially if they are interviewed and get their pictures taken by a Family Times reporter.


Parent: Destiny Martin Huddleston

Kids: Dionne Traver, sixth grade, and Sheena Huddleston, third grade

The look: Destiny Huddleston, a nurse and student, dressed in her everyday work ensemble. Dionne wore his favorite color on his first day. “He’s my money baby, always about the green,” said Huddleston.
















Parent: Kirstin Esposito

Kids: Paige Esposito, fifth grade, and Reese Esposito, second grade

The look: Kirstin Esposito wore an ensemble from Loft for comfort because she walks to her job at Syracuse University. She matched outfits with her two Gymboree-dressed daughters. “We went back-to-school shopping together,” Esposito said. “They both wanted hats.”















Stephanie Fay

Kids: Julia Fay, seventh grade, and Evelyn Fay, fifth grade

The look: Stephanie Fay wore a Loft blouse, paired with comfortable brown pin-striped trousers for work, because she wanted to be comfortable but look professional, too. Fay is a teacher at Erwin Nursery School.














Reem Alpakistan

Kids: Youssif Ridha, third grade, and Aamiran Ridha, preschool

The look: Reem Alpakistan wore a blue scarf, brought from her home in Iraq, with a matching cotton cerulean shirt, and open-toed shoes with a navy blue fabric flower (a fabulous feminine accent, in this reporter’s view). Alpakistan chose blue to look professional because it was the first time she was encountering the school system at Ed Smith.















Parent: Diana Castro

Kid: Daiana Castro, fifth grade

The look: Diana Castro rocked a sporty outfit to walk Daiana to school. She paired her Nike shoes with skinny dark-washed jeans and a cotton sweater to match her attention-grabbing purple nail polish.



















Parent: Steve Feikes

Kid: Natalie Feikes (center), seventh grade, and a friend

The look: Steve Feikes dressed to stay warm on the bike ride to school with his daughter. Natalie, meanwhile, chose clothes to help her stand out, including a vibrant top.


















Parent: Alyssa Taylor 

Kid: Aliza Taylor, sixth grade

The look: Alyssa Taylor wore Levi’s and a
mermaid green Old Navy sweater. “It seemed like a good back-to-school mom outfit,” said Taylor. The day was a lot colder than the mother and daughter expected, but that did not stop Aliza from showing off
glittery shoes.


















Parent: Tederrell Grant

Kid: Taday Grant, first grade

The look: Tederrell Grant sported a denim outfit. With the unexpected drop in temperature, he said the cold weather “turned him around in the morning.” Taday is just as fashionable as her father, in beads, braids and pink.
















Photos and text by Alejandra Acuna

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