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Sliding Into Winter

For the fourth time, Family Times: The Parenting Guide of Central New York held a drawing contest on the theme of winter fun for the December issue. Every year a different Central New York school or school system is chosen to submit artworks for the contest. This year Kyle Mort, Camillus Middle School art teacher, presented the contest to his sixth-grade students. Sixty-six students submitted entries. Staffers from Family Times’ Creative Services Department selected a winner, whose drawing appears on the cover, and five honorable mentions, pictured here. We thank Kyle Mort and the Camillus Middle School students who took part in the contest. It was our great pleasure to see these students’ imaginations at work.

Drawing Contest Winner!
Emma Parry
Age 11















Kathryn Jean Spinks
Age 11













Kyleigh Quirk
Age 11













Jessica Anne Mahoney
Age 11













Samantha Eades
Age 11














Emily Augello
Age 10









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